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Our architechtural journey

Style Living Architects Ltd. is founded on the belief that buildings transform the life of communities. It believes that the quality of our surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of our lives.

SLAL creates the desired atmosphere for the users to enjoy their experiences inside the building. It comes in the best possible economic, social, environmental valuable solutions.

SLAL promises to apply an inter-disciplinary design methodology that erodes boundaries between design disciplines pioneered by its parties.

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We mostly
modernise & expertise

Landscape Design

World class projects from commercial, residential, retail and urban planning even landscape

Geotechnical Survey

Whole investigation work shall be supervised by qualified Geotechnical Engineer

Architectural Design

Project objectives, measure the affected spaces, draw base plans, develop schematic design

Structure Design

Structural Design will be supervised & considered live load as per table 6.2.3 of BNBC 2006.

Interior Design

We keep interiors air circulating and prevent stagnation of the interior air.

Electrical Design

Proposed Electrical Layout Drawings (ELD) BNBC and ACCORD Standard.

Plumbing Design

Basic Plumbing Drawing - Fittings & Fixtures, Pipe, Horizontal and Vertical Joint System

Fire Protection

Central Fire detection & protection System Design standpipe system as per BNBC & NFPA

Vision of our journey

We create the desired atmosphere for the users to enjoy their experience inside the building.

We collaborate with our clients in every level during the design process to serve their goals.

Our Philosophy

Our client’s vision guided with our experiences comes in an outstanding result.

Our Vision & mission

We build aesthetically valuable and inspiring architecture that enrich the lives of people. An outstanding dedication to clients.

Quality assurance

Our services meet client expectations, that work is done right the first time, all of which give added value to the client benefits to the office in terms of reaping economic gain.

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Project Feature Factors


SLAL plans further to enlarge researcher and development department, believing that science, research and analysis improve our practice in architecture.

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SLAL portfolio is rich by world class projects from commercial, residential, retail and mixed-use projects and urban planning even landscape design.

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MEP/HVAC Services

Valuable life and property can be well protected from nature’s hazardous and exciting phenomenon like, lightning. Lightning is a unique form of energy and an expert can only install proper protection systems against it. As per BNBC 2006 and NFPA 780 Standard, the lightning protection system has undergone many changes and today’s lightning protection system exhibit the best in terms of design, materials and installation.

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Single Family

Multi Family

Commercial Projects

Office Spaces

Buildings transform the life accuracy

SLAL portfolio is rich by world class projects from commercial, residential, retail and mixed-use projects to hospitality, leisure, sports, healthcare, education and urban planning even landscape and interior design.

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Few of our clients scenerio
Slal Portfolio
2-Storied Duplex Building, Rangunia, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
1-Storied Single Family House, Asuliya, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4-Storied Single Family House, 10, Surson Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
4-Storied Single Family House, Forest Gate, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
CPDL Crimson Clover, 13-Storied Apartment Building,
Mehedibag, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
CDA Square, 18-Storied Apartment Building,
2 No Gate, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
Seth Aziz Colony, 19-Storied Apartment Building,
227 Siraj Ud Doula Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
CPDL Dharabarisha, 14-Storied Apartment Building,
Panchlaish, R/A, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
Seth Bali Arcade, 12-Storied Apartment Building
227 Siraj Ud Doula Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
City Hall, 2-Storied Convention Building
Agrabad Access Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
Seacom Center, 10-Storied Commercial Building
Barik Building Moore, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
TK Bhaban, 8 Storied Commercial Building
11, Sholo Shahar, Chattogram, Bangladesh
Master Plan, Int. Islamic Medical College & Hospital Campus
Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattogram, Bangladesh
4-Storied Multi-Purpose Building,
Muradpur, Chattogram, Bangladesh

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