Style Living Architect talking about sustainable life ensure better living environment for ours & future generation ecological balance and try to conserve

Style Living Architect Ltd. are talking about sustainable life. We cannot ignore the importance of preserving the environment we live in. It is a reality that the need for housing is increasing day by day. We need to ensure better living environment for our communities as well as for our future generations.

Urban Projects Single Home Apartment Apartment(2) Apartment(3) Commercial Interiors

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Single Home

For Single Home, built to the most exacting of standards and with the very finest finishings.

Apertment building

Apartments | which were simply personal suites within great houses with leisure facilities, delicated rooms and gardens.

Commercial Building

Within the scope of commercial building, a miscellaneous catch-all category that we essentially covers office | Retail | Industrial blocks.

Educational Building

We even design and take advantages of a unique section featuring stacked atrium and outdoor spaces to serve a variety of educational and public functions.

Religion Building

As a common Islamic courtyard structure, we often particularly use geometry to symbolic effect on mosques space to the street outside.

Home/Office Interiors

We definitely enjoy working for your home/ofice. We focus preferably at your home a quiet, cozy area, maybe even surrounded by beautiful art.

My dear | Architects are notable for the fluid transitions between spaces as well as the clarity, simplicity, and rich tactility of the materials palette.

Andreas Fuhrimann

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